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Converting Visitors to Customers: Website Ideas that Inspire

A great website is a snapshot of your brand; it forces visitors to feel safe, feel excited, or feel inspired. The look, feel, and functionality create an impact far more significant than merely informing the viewer what you do. 

I encourage you to think about the last time you watched a movie. If it were any good, you would have laughed, cried, or sat at the edge of your seat with anticipation. The ups and downs of your favourite character’s life probably stuck with you; can you picture them now?  


Let’s reflect on the movie Titanic. We all remember the hilarious scene where Rose sneaks into third class to drink and dance, and that raunchy scene in the car… I’m sure I don’t need to remind you of when they’re in the water, waiting to be saved.  We remember this movie so well because it made us laugh, and it made us cry, and that has a lasting impact. 

And we can apply this thinking to a brand’s website! The goal is to inform, but also forge an emotional connection with viewers. Humans are emotional beings, and this is why relatability will gain you, customers.

Ultimately, when a person has a problem or needs a new product, one of the first things they’ll do is jump on the internet and research. They want to find a website that understands their problem and makes them feel good about the solution. And this informs the three objectives of any website:

Here are a few examples of brands that have done this well:

Yolele is a revolutionary African food brand supporting their community. 

This website’s brilliant because right away, the viewer knows what the company does, and the products they offer. There aren’t gimmicks to distract from the product, which drives up sales as they are impossible to miss! The branding is bright and colorful, and this paired with the interactive element, makes it exciting for potential customers. The menu’s hover effect inspires visitors to click in and find out a bit more about this inspiring brand.

This fabulous website has a layout that begs the visitor to stay on the page. The floating model is accurately sized to give visitors a first-hand experience – as if the bottle was actually in from of them. The writing couldn’t be easier to read; it’s bold and bright and changes colour for extra impact. This draws the viewers eyes and hearts. 

The viewer is along for the journey as the bottle swirls down the page. The design makes the viewer feel invincible and revitalised. These emotions are now associated with the product – making Boost an easy sale to people feeling under the weather.

Helimedic is a US-based medical evacuation company serving the entire US with boats and planes.  

Similar to Boost, Helimedic utilises their website to take the viewer on a journey. It is a bold yet minimalistic design that reflects the fierce nature of the service they provide. The individual bits of writing emphasises the facts and figures on the page.

The site is organised by selling points, with supporting visuals and animations. For example, an illustrated map and block of text supports the ‘Anywhere in the US’ slide. 

The website’s natural flow keeps the viewers’ attention focussed on what the brand is selling. The intention is clear, so the viewer remains in a deep state of mind which is what the brand needs to sell its product.

Happy Egg Co are an organic free-range egg option for customers who care about the planet and their health. 

The company’s branding shines through with the fun, playful theme which is evident as soon as a viewer clicks onto the website. The colourful visuals and interactive elements speak to the viewer’s inner child, forging a positive emotional connection. There are subtle videos embedded into the site that show their customers’ outcome – smiles, health, happiness! 

The interactive elements are FUN; like opening the egg carton to see before and afters. They engage the viewer and encourage them to explore the website thoroughly. Behind all the fun is precise information on what makes Happy Egg Co unique; a very successful example of how to convert visitors to customers.

At Paperballoon Studios, we know what makes a website great and will work with you to find your audience’s correct tone and emotions. A stunning website is guaranteed to convert your viewers to loyal customers.

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