Breathing Life Into Art Using The Latest Technology

We are here to breathe life into your brand, extruding your vision into 3D space using modern technology.

AR & VR Web Applications

We can extrude your brand into real space using modern AR and VR technology.


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Interactive Websites

To match your interactive AR/VR Application, we can tell your brand’s narrative through an immersive website experience. 


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Obstacles We Need To Overcome

Our clientele is low budget and high maintenance – this leaves little money to cover expenses and living costs, as well as no time to obtain the necessary skills sets to move forward with our vision. At the moment, we have half a day a week to obtain new skills which is suboptimal for what we would like to achieve.


Proposed Solution

Ideally, we will need at least half 3- 4 days a week to invest in new skillsets for about 3 months The other half of the week will be used to earn income so we can keep our operations running. 


Monthly Costs

Office Rent $400
Software Subscriptions$350
Living Costs$2000$3030


Paving The Way For Young Creative Coders

I have always known that technology and art are interconnected and exist to compliment each other. It is something society is slowly realising and has started to label as “creative coding.” 

Creative coding is a type of computer programming in which the goal is to create something expressive instead of functional.

As a mature artist and programmer, I am in a unique position where I am able to pave the way for young creative coders. I have begun by uploading youtube tutorials to teach others how to create Virtual Reality applications on the web. 

In the near future, I would like to speak at TED talks and become a figure of inspiration in this field. I would like to grow a community of creative coders who can actively collaborate to shape the future of art and technology.

In order to achieve this goal, I need to have to have something to show for it – My endeavours with Paperballoon Co will be my way to showcase that I can walk the walk.